Hymns for Mankind

by Donald Wheeler

Speaking with respect.
Touching with restraint.
Listening with thoughtfulness.
Answering with kindness.
Helping without condescension.
Loving the soul of the reprobate.
Appreciating the humanity of the fool.
These humble things would make the world a better place.

When immigrants are welcomed home.
When strangers are greeted with respect.
When a medley of skin and words, of dress and hair
is valued as the pot of gold at rainbow’s end.
When exclusion is at last excluded from our thinking.
When the value of a lesson matters more than its source.
When our search for truth ignores political bounds and
all other preconceptions.
Then will we be on our way to proving mankind can survive.

written during April 2017.

Words for March 5, 2017

These words/phrases were chosen by Nessa from W. Fred Wooden’s sermon on March 5, 2017.

pensive              dissenters             prophet
mystery             immigrant            struggling
embody            mirrors                   borderland
mountain          truth                      wisdom
wilderness        body                      exemplars
do justice           love mercy
Poems from the March 5 date, will all have these words as part of the poem.