by Rebecca Reed-Emmerich


I love another answer

I love morning as the one

May I   actually that happens   May I

even “I love” I love these simple words

I love the return  to center to

know otherwise

Here’s what I learn –

Starting with here’s what I hear –

The inherent “May I”

I serve

It’s not about me or

“…and staff”

it’s about being

gardless of beliefs

But whole

without saying   reveals

painful coming back

their bodies   – May I

situations   break – May I

– and listen           whose voices are muted   – this moment – or that –

know that   May I    deep connection       – discern ample


May I be what’s needed.


Clear Uncertainty*

by Loretta Konecki 


There’s a hospital


Do we know


To what joy

To what trouble

They will get

For a day?

Is every religion

Patterns, beliefs, signs, people?

I get a lot


Will respond

To ideas

Of all.


*Clear Uncertainty is a found poem by Loretta Konecki using every fifth word of the first four paragraphs of To Be a Blessing by Sue Magidson published in Quest November, 2017. Konecki used ‘a’ three times and ‘get’ twice although each is only found once in the listings of the fifth words. She also took the ‘s’ off ‘responds’ and put it on ‘idea.’ Other than these changes, all of the fifth words in the article’s first four paragraphs were included in the poem. This poem was written in a meeting of the Spiritual Expressions group at Fountain Street Church
under the direction of Nessa McCasey.

                                                                                                                                LRK  11/13/17

To Me…

by Debbiann Weiss


What is a blessing to me?

A friend who accepts me unconditionally

A flirt on a night when I need a little lift

A glass of wine in the company of my inner circle

My Mom’s voice on the other end of the phone

My Dad’s visual in the sunshine out back… working in the yard

My sisters’ circle of laughter at home

My lone brother smiling through the phone in Minnesota

Quiet time after a thunderous weekend

A pen and paper to express my mind… my emotions

My nephew and his hugs of leaps and bounds

My nephew saying “I know” when I tell the top of his head “I love you”

Closest friends… the one-on-one conversations that can’t stop until every word is said

Driving into the driveway and stepping around to the back to see the star filled sky

A gratitude journal sitting on a table… filled with good thoughts

What is a blessing to me?

Endless…a blessing is endless

Misdirection: The Low Road

by Donald Wheeler

When our Divider in Chief goes on the attack,
all too often seems to me,
his tactic of choice is misdirection. Then piling
accusation on accusation.

He’s incredibly dogged in laying the false trail,
in constructing the false tale,
in mislabeling everyone and their motives, in
misinterpreting their behavior.

It takes great resolve to resist chasing each
hailstone of erroneous minutia
spewed via twitter, then normalized by Fox
and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

It’s hard getting folks to focus on the real issue
when the great Fear Monger
is sending his twitter troops down one enticing
rabbit hole after another.

The footballer who’s been quietly protesting
the use of lethal force against
black citizens by police is now in his crosshairs,
accused of being disloyal
to those who died defending our country!

No matter he had been named among the 100
most influential persons of 2013
by Time Magazine for his brave stand: kneeling
during the National Anthem.

No matter that veterans praised him for speaking
up, and a veritable who’s who of
prominent names affirmed his right and rightness
to protest so un-confrontationally.

The Donald called him an SOB and told the owner,
“Fire him!” Thus did The D achieve
what Colin K. couldn’t by himself: He united almost
all the players and many owners.

Together they made the protest much more effective,
generating tons of positive press.
But none of that fazed The Donald, he just doubled
down on his error. As usual.

Started on Zoom conference with Nessa (in Lansing), inspired
by “The Low Road” by Marge Piercy. 9/25/17

All we need is love?  

This past session, we focused on writing using a form, originally created by Terrance Hayes as a way to honor Gwendolyn Brooks but now morphed into honoring any poet/poem. Here is the  “Golden Shovel” approach to writing poems:

Select a line(s) from a poem you like. Use each word in the selected line(s) as the end word for each line of your poem. Keep them in order. Your poem doesn’t have to be about the same subject. Give credit to the poet who wrote the original line(s).

To the reader of the new poem (below), you might also like to read the end words, alone, and find the original lines from (in this case) Dickinson there.

Don based his “Golden Shovel” poem on the first two lines of
Emily Dickinson’s “Love reckons by itself — alone.”

Love reckons by itself — alone —
“As large as I” — relate the Sun
To One who never felt it blaze —
itself is all the like it has —

by W. Donald Wheeler

All we need is love
the songster-poet reckons.
Maybe so, but hard to come by.
Perhaps it’s not love itself 
but the ability to love — alone —
that lets us feel fulfilled as
much as we’re able. In large
measure, loving is as hard as
accepting love — well — I
find. Can you relate?
More likely, one is the
Moon, the other the Sun. 

The End of the Drought


by Jacqueline Poehlman


A hazy desperation lurked in the grass

The parched silence of wilting;

crisp and desperate.

Until the forceful impact of the first droplets

springs forth a moist freshness,

a joyful noise of optimism,

applauding our courage to survive

and leaving us a new beginning.

Close Encounter

by Don Wheeler


We left sunny Paradise

the village

for the golden show

of Tahquamenon Falls

Mr Black Bear

galloped out the woods

not after us

we just got in his way

I braked & swerved

he did neither

turned our fender

into a concaved tangle

we were mad

we were scared

we were thankful

we could continue

Just like Mr. Bear