Loving Mother

Confounded by Earth’s mysteries, fearful
of her tirades, dependent on her largess,
early humans named her Mother.

Gradually men learned to tap her power
and exploit her treasures. Some built vast
empires and amassed great fortunes.
To them, her name was Servant.

Science has at last proved how destructive
and pervasive the exploitation of Mother
Earth has become.

The enlightened are sounding the alarm.
The unaware are starting to wake up.
The politicians are choosing sides.
The ignorant-by-choice are protesting
the noise.

The exploiters are fully engaged,
using their deep pockets to disparage
the science and paint the alarm-speakers
as fear-mongering fame seekers.

Oh! for the good old days.
While Nero fiddled, only Rome burned.

W Donald Wheeler (December 2014)