FSC Lent Practice – Week 2

Words (given by congregants at FSC on Sunday, February 21, 2016):

Lenten words Week 2

And the resulting poems by writers in the Spiritual Expressions group:

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A poetic story using each word of the list (above)!
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photo by Jenny Schlatter, in which she shares her process:
cutting the words into individual pieces so she could move them about.


FSC Lent Practice – Week One

During the Lenten Season of 2016, congregants attending either of the Sunday worship services at Fountain Street Church will be invited to offer a word that sums up their morning experience. These words are collected and presented to the Spiritual Expressions writers. Here are the resulting Week 1 words (some of which were offered several times), followed by the poems written using several of those words (I offer them here to encourage you to write your own, as well!):

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Beyond The Burning
Each Lenten ash is blind to
whatever wholeness it may
form beyond the grasp of action,
   of the brother star that receives its mark.

In sorrow from a perspective of joy
with no rest or dividing from Other,
but can receive a stranger’s heartbeat
as that of a sister, the necessary Ubuntu.

Each separate consuming, as a tofu,
flows any alone (unforming) into a cycle
to sanctify the  juggling of the Spirit: 
wholeness, pain, illumination, self; 
within this ferment of lives, our indivisibility.
– r.j.rossi

When I am still, calm, silent and empty –
I breathe slowly, deeply, unconditionally.
I pray for a transformation, a subtle awareness …. a becoming.
Inhale … peace, beauty, love.
Exhale … heartbreak, loss, confusion.
In the silence between,
I explore the promise of HADAM –
the first from the dirt of this earth
with skin of grace and stardust within.

– Renee Therriault

He would brush off the mirth of the mendicant
as fleeting foolishness.
He was blind to the grace of being alive
unable to receive forgiveness for his confusion.

– Brad Miller



From dirt, I seek love.
Aware that many mistrust the concept,
and may not find enough,
the journey is my friend as I explore the full meaning.

Grateful for any opportunity
to clarify the truth of relationship
I hope to grasp the beauty of being alive
and give support to the rest

Together, becoming stronger with the confidence that,
as we are healing each other from disappointments,
we inspire others to go further toward love
before returning to the dirt.

– Brad Miller


Becoming Our Commitment

Leaving behind the far-out action of Mardi Gras,
the Christian community now shifts perspective
to the solemn preparation for Easter. For those who
don’t believe in The Resurrection, but are inspired
to seek a spiritual life, the synchronicity of ideas and
techniques from non-bible sources (those sans
“religious” or ceremonial trappings) offers surprising
harmony with the season. Which helps us pursue our
longing for deeper meaning. Hope is within our grasp,
but it will take courage, patience, and perseverance.

– Don Wheeler

Held silence begets
unknowing value within.
Inspired journey.

– Don Wheeler


A soft brush of grace
ignites healing forgiveness
and fleeting rare mirth.

– Don Wheeler


Explore gratitude,
Find courage to be inclusive.
Try introspection.

Value Faithfulness,
receiving and giving love.
Humbly accept grace.

Perseverance will
expand growing, be alive!

– Judy Botts


New Bible

Held silence comforts;
inspired journey clarifies;
unknowing the value of
ebullient foot prints,
we inspire star dust
out of dirt. Wow!

– Nessa McCasey



The Lesson Learned

By Renee Therriault

With a questioning gaze at my own reflection …..
an opening to an idea,
a possibility,
an unexpected outcome.

The question becomes the answer,
the answer becomes a revelation.
The revelation rings TRUE.

Our roles are reversed – the situation has turned inside out.
My perspective has flipped like a slow motion coin in mid air.

I am the teacher, the learned one,
enlightened by the pain, the hurt and the disappointments
only to realize the lesson learned.

Combining what she heard at a Sunday service and the group meeting on Monday, Renee followed up with this poem about her change of roles with her mother.