March 12, 2017

Spreading Fear

by Judy Botts



Words for March 5, 2017

These words/phrases were chosen by Nessa from W. Fred Wooden’s sermon on March 5, 2017.

pensive              dissenters             prophet
mystery             immigrant            struggling
embody            mirrors                   borderland
mountain          truth                      wisdom
wilderness        body                      exemplars
do justice           love mercy
Poems from the March 5 date, will all have these words as part of the poem.

2017 Lenten Project

This year, instead of a church organized project, I came up with doing more of a Found Poem project with the Senior Minister’s printed sermons. The first week, I chose one word from each paragraph of W. Fred Wooden’s sermon and people wrote poems using the words. The following week, I introduced more ideas for writing Found Poems, and we will continue in that vein through Lent… Enjoy if you choose. And if you’d like to read the minister’s original sermons, you can find them directly in his facebook feed or on the Facebook group for Fountain Street Church.