Harvey, 2017

by Nessa McCasey


Storms become personal

when they flood your home.

When it happens to you

the name of Harvey becomes

a nasty man rather than a storm.

He is a mean uncle or a corrupt

politician; a robber or a disaster;

a transformative social change

or something to ignore.



On Monday evening, August 28, the Spiritual Expressions group met and we wrote from a poem by Dermot Healy called Storms. I hope that Harvey will indeed offer gifts in disguise…


by Mary Raab


The storms that wreck you

are gifts in disguise

like a Picasso painting

you rearrange

jagged, mis-shapen edges

to make something new

and beautiful.


(Mary wrote this her very first time in the group!! Well done!!)

Hymns for Mankind

by Donald Wheeler

Speaking with respect.
Touching with restraint.
Listening with thoughtfulness.
Answering with kindness.
Helping without condescension.
Loving the soul of the reprobate.
Appreciating the humanity of the fool.
These humble things would make the world a better place.

When immigrants are welcomed home.
When strangers are greeted with respect.
When a medley of skin and words, of dress and hair
is valued as the pot of gold at rainbow’s end.
When exclusion is at last excluded from our thinking.
When the value of a lesson matters more than its source.
When our search for truth ignores political bounds and
all other preconceptions.
Then will we be on our way to proving mankind can survive.

written during April 2017.